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52 Working in Groups


Working in Groups Opening Page

Start-Up Activity

As a class, list the qualities of a good teammate. Ask for students to share their ideas. Display their choices in front of class. Then share with them the "Think About It" quotation. Ask them what besides castles can be built through togetherness. 

This chapter will help students form togetherness for their next group project or team event.

Think About It

“In our togetherness (as a team) castles are built.”

—Irish Proverb

Page 255 from Write Away

Planning Tips

Let students know that a key to successful group work is good planning. A good plan gives each group member a meaningful job to do. Review the planning tips on this page. Then form groups of students, present them with the following scenario, and have each group form a plan to share with the class.

  • Imagine you need to host a birthday party for a classmate. The party must happen somewhere in your school and use supplies from your classroom. Create a plan that includes where and when the party will happen, what tasks need to get done, and who will be in charge of each task.

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