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12 Combining Sentences


Combining Sentences Opening Page

Start-Up Activity

Sentence combining can help students learn to write smooth and interesting sentences. As a result, you should consider coordinating regular sentence-combining practice. To begin, have students write one longer sentence for each pair of the following shorter sentences:

  • Boys play soccer.          
  • Girls play soccer.      
  • Students read. 
  • Students write  

Then read and discuss page 56. During your discussion, point out that longer sentences often make writing sound better and read more smoothly.

Think About It

“It took me a long time to learn how to write well, and what I learned is that you must steadily, enjoy yourself, and never give up.”

—Caroline B. Cooney

LAFS Covered in This Chapter

TEKS Covered in This Chapter

TEKS Covered in This Chapter

Page 057 from Write Away

Use Two Subjects and Use Two Verbs

This page shows two sentence-combining strategies: using two subjects and using two verbs. After discussing these two strategies, ask students to combine the following pairs of sentences.

  • Cardinals feed in our yard.
  • Gold finches in our yard.
  • Books are piled on the desk.
  • Papers are piled on the desk.
  • Harper sleeps in her crib.
  • Harper plays in her crib.
  • The geese swim in the pond.
  • The geese feed in the pond.
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