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Combining Choppy Sentences

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Combining Choppy Sentences

An image of the planet Venus

Your Turn Read the rules about combining choppy sentences. Then read the paragraph, which has too many short, repetitive sentences. Rewrite the paragraph, combining sentences to improve the flow, or print the lesson to mark your corrections.

Combining Rules:

  1. Two short sentence can be combined into a compound sentence by joining them with a comma and a coordinating conjunction (and, but, or, nor, for, so, yet): Venus is our closest neighbor. It is about the same size as Earth. becomes Venus is our closest neighbor, and it is about the same size as Earth.
  2. Often, a repetitive sentence can be combined with another by deleting the repetition and moving what remains (a word or phrase) to the other sentence: Venus has a hot atmosphere. It has a dense atmosphere. becomes Venus has a hot, dense atmosphere.


  • The Nearest Planet

    Combining Choppy Sentences
  • The Nearest Planet (corrected)

    Combining Choppy Sentences

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