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09 Checking for Errors


Checking for Errors Opening Page

Start-Up Activity

When editing, your students' primary purpose is to make their writing clear and reader friendly. Students should focus on the correctness of their writing after they have worked on drafting and revising their writing.

As practice, display the two groups of words below and ask students to help you check each one for errors.

  • some bears each fish?
  • what do you eat.

Afterward, inform students that checking for errors is the fourth step in the writing process. Then read and discuss page 44. During your discussion, ask students why editing is important.

Think About It

“The period is the red light at the end of a sentence.”

—Patricia T. O’Conner

Page 045 from Write Away

Editing Tips

Carefully review the tips and checklist on this page. Display the following text and edit it as a class using the checklist as a guide.

Strawberry picking is so much fun  My mom and I get up early and drive to swan’s Farm. We carry our pails to the strawberry patch and start picking. I eat some of them right in the feild. the strawberries are so sweet

Note: Inform your students that the editing checklist also appears on the handbook’s inside back cover.

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