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42 Using a Glossary


Using a Glossary Opening Page

Start-Up Activity

Read about the parts of a glossary. Then point students to a sample glossary from a social studies or science book. Have them choose an interesting or new word from the glossary, read its meaning, and use it in a sentence. Have volunteers share their words and sentences. 

Think About It

“Few activities are as delightful as learning new vocabulary.”

—Tim Gunn

State Standards Covered in This Chapter

LAFS Covered in This Chapter

TEKS Covered in This Chapter

TEKS Covered in This Chapter

Page 217 from Write Away

Sample Glossary Page

Give students time to study the sample glossary page. Then ask them the following questions:

  • What are the guide words for the sample glossary page? (Oasis and savanna)
  • What is the meaning of pampas? (Area of grassy plains in South America)
  • If the word ravine were added to this page, what glossary words would come before and after it? (prairie and savanna)
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