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44 Learning to Listen


Learning to Listen Opening Page

Start-Up Activity

Display a blank T-chart for your students. Label one column "good listening" and the other column "bad listening." As a class, brainstorm ways to be a good listener. Then brainstorm habits that lead to bad listening. List students' responses under the appropriate columns on the chart.

Add to the chart as you introduce the tips in this chapter.

Think About It

“If you want to be listened to, you should put in time listening.”

—Marge Piercy

LAFS Covered in This Chapter

TEKS Covered in This Chapter

TEKS Covered in This Chapter

Page 225 from Write Away

How to Be a Good Listener

Review with students the tips for being a good listener. Then place students in pairs.

Ask one partner to describe a favorite personal memory from last summer. Ask the other partner to listen carefully, using the strategies on this page:

  • Looking at the speaker
  • Listening for key words
  • Asking questions

Afterward, the listener should repeat the story aloud, checking how well he or she listened. Then have the partners reverse roles.

LAFS Standard:
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NE ELA Standard:

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