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WOC iv Table of Contents

Teacher Tips and Answers


WOC iv

Student Writers
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Page iv

Table of Contents

The Process of Writing

The Forms of Writing

The Tools of Learning

Proofreader’s Guide

Student Almanac

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WOC vii

WOC viii

Page viii

The Tools of Learning

Student Writers
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Using Technology and Resources

Using Information 351

Using the Internet 357

Conducting Library Research 365

Reading and Vocabulary Skills

Reading Nonfiction 369

Reading Fiction 387

Reading Graphics 397

Improving Your Vocabulary 405

Speaking, Viewing, and Listening Skills

Preparing a Speech 417

Viewing Skills 427

Listening Skills 435

Thinking Skills

Thinking Critically 439

Thinking Creatively 451

Learning Skills

Using Group Skills 457

Taking Notes 463

Taking Tests 469

Teacher Support:

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Standards Correlations:

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