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WT 306 Working in Groups

Teacher Tips and Answers


WT 306

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Working in Groups

One person can do a lot, like build a shed. Two people can do much more, like build a house. Many people can do amazing things, like build the Great Pyramid or the Eiffel Tower! Wonders happen when people work together.

Working Together

Whether you work with one person, a small group, your whole class, or your whole school—you need to work together. Everyone needs to share ideas, agree on a plan, divide up tasks, and cooperate to get the job done!

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WT 307

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Working in Pairs

Your teacher says, “Find a partner,” so you choose the person in the next desk. What now? Follow these tips.

Tips for Partners

  • Start strong. Be friendly. Smile. Say you’re happy to work with the person. Encourage your partner.
  • Agree on a goal. What are you supposed to do? Write a poem? Put on a play? Focus on the same goal.
  • Assign tasks. Write what needs to be done. Decide who will do what.
  • Make a schedule. How much time do you have? When must you be finished?
  • Cooperate. Follow your plan, and help each other along the way. Discuss. Adjust. Encourage. Be a good partner so that you both can succeed!

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Working in Small Groups

Working in a small group requires careful cooperation.

Tips for Group Work

  • Connect with others. Group members should greet each other, smile, share names, and get focused.
  • Discuss the project. Group members need to agree on what they need to do and discuss how to do it.
  • Take turns. One person should speak and the rest listen. Then someone else can speak. Give everyone a chance to share ideas. Be honest, but be polite, too:
    • I like your idea of Cinderella, but I think it would be cool to do Jack and the Beanstalk.

  • Write down ideas. One group member should take notes. This way you’ll have a list of everyone’s ideas.
    • Jack and the Beanstalk Play
      1. Dave = Jack
      2. Arzella = Jack’s mother
      3. Kristy = giant . . .

  • Plan your work. Discuss what needs to be done. List tasks, and tell who will do what. (See page 309.)
    • 1. Write script: Dave and Kristy.
      2. Get costumes: Arzella and Dan
      3. Rehearse: Everybody

  • Work your plan. Group members should follow their plan as they work toward their goal.

WT 309

Page 309

Making a Plan

To plan a group project, ask these questions:

    1. What is the project?
    2. When is the project due?
    3. What must we do to complete the project?
    4. What jobs will each group member do?

Create a plan by writing down answers to these questions. Discuss the plan to make sure everyone agrees.

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