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WT 074 Making Albums

Teacher Tips and Answers


WT 074

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Making Albums

An album is a place to gather special memories. Maybe you like to collect pictures or flowers or showbills. Each one reminds you of a special time. When you make an album, you are actually making your very own book.

Starting Your Album

Some students create albums of postcards or Christmas cards. Others collect movie or concert tickets. You may even know of someone who has an album of pressed leaves. You can gather photographs of singers or drawings of book characters or pictures of muscle cars. Anything!

Creating an Album with a Cat
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Creating an Album for a Special Person or Pet

Getting Started

Begin with a picture of the person or pet. Use a photo, or draw your own picture. Then write a caption—something interesting or funny about the picture.

Moving On

Here are some ideas to include in your album:

  • Facts about your special person or pet (age, hair or fur color, eye color, size, and so on)
  • When and how you met
  • Things you like to do together
  • Things your special person or pet loves or hates
  • Strange or surprising facts about your subject

Putting It Together

These tips will help you put your album together:

  1. Create a neat and colorful cover for your album.
  2. Organize all of your information so it follows a pattern. For example, you may want to organize your album by first memories, middle memories, and last memories.
  3. Place the pictures and words on each page so they are fun to look at and read.

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  • album: collection of words, pictures, and objects that help you remember

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