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WT 040 Publishing Your Writing

Teacher Tips and Answers


WT 040

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Publishing Your Writing

Publishing is the final step in the writing process. It means sharing the final copy of your story, essay, or report. Brooke Brown, a student writer just like you, loves this step in the process. (See her quotation below.)

Sharing Your Work

You can share your writing in many ways. You might read it aloud. You might post it on a class blog. You might even act it out as a skit. On the next pages, you can discover more ways to publish.

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Great Publishing Ideas

Send It!

Send It Letter
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Act It Out!

  • Ask classmates to help you act out one of your plays.
  • Perform one of your stories or poems. (See pages 268–273 for guidelines for performing a poem.)
  • Record a story and upload it to the Internet so faraway friends and relatives can enjoy it.
  • Read one of your best essays to a parent-teacher group.

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Bind It!

Make your own book by following these steps:

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Creating a Portfolio

A portfolio is a place to collect your writing. A personal portfolio is just for you. You can place files in a computer folder or put pages in a binder or folder. You will want to store different kinds of writing in different parts. This page shows a portfolio plan with four parts.

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“When I look through my portfolio, I see who I was, and who I’m going to be.”

—Vera Sanderson

Making a Classroom Portfolio

A classroom portfolio contains writing you do in class. You can make it a showcase portfolio or a growth portfolio, whether on paper or in a computer.

Showcase Portfolio 🟪 Use this type of portfolio to show off your best work. Include writing that you like very much as well as writing your teacher wants to feature. Each piece in this portfolio should be carefully edited. You might even include illustrations and notes that tell about each piece.

Growth Portfolio 🟪 Use this type of portfolio to save writing from different parts of your school year. Include a piece from September, another from Halloween or Thanksgiving, and others from the new year. By the time you reach the month of May, you may look back at your September writing and say, “Wow! Did I write that? Can that really be mine?”


Carefully select what to include in your portfolio. Don’t include ALL your writing. (That’s a writing folder.) Instead, choose only your best work (a showcase portfolio) or work that demonstrates change over time (growth portfolio).

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Portfolio Planning Tips

When you plan a classroom portfolio, follow these tips:

1. Follow your teacher’s directions.

  • Make it attractive. Your teacher may give you a folder to decorate or may ask you to design your own.
  • Choose well. Know how many pieces and what kinds of writing you should include. Also find out what response sheets you should complete.

2. Be organized.

  • Save different stages of work. Your teacher may ask you to include notes and drafts for some of your writing.

3. Keep up.

  • Complete writing assignments on time. Keep up with any other sheets or work your portfolio needs.
  • Polish your work. Create neat copies and organize them.


If you have a question about your portfolio or writing assignment, ask for help. Stay on track with your work.

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Vocabulary List:
  • publishing: sharing your writing with others

Vocabulary List:
  • portfolio: collection of your writing

  • personal portfolio: private collection of your writing

Vocabulary List:
  • classroom portfolio: collection of your writing to share with others

  • showcase portfoliio: collection of your best writing

  • growth portfolio: collection of your writing that shows how you have progressed over time

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