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WT 166 Writing Summaries

Teacher Tips and Answers


WT 166

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Writing Summaries

The same ideas can come in different sizes: an article, a paragraph, and even a topic sentence. You know that you understand ideas if you can summarize them.

Panning for Gold

A summary expresses ideas in a short form. You sift out the main ideas of a longer work and condense them into a clear paragraph. (You can practice summarizing with this activity.)

WT 167

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Original Reading Selection

Read this article, and then study the summary below. The summary includes only main ideas.

Gold Rush Model
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Prospector with Summary
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WT 168

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Writing a Summary


Read Actively 🟪 Pay close attention as you read the material that you will summarize.
     🟪 Read once to get the general meaning.
     🟪 Read again to focus on specific details.
     🟪 Then jot down the main ideas from the reading. (See the steps below for help.)
How to Find Main Ideas
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Writing a Draft

Write Your Summary 🟪 Put ideas in your own words.
 🟪 Express the most important idea in your topic sentence.
 🟪 Write supporting sentences that express main ideas in the same order used in the original.


Read and Review 🟪 Revise to improve your summary:
 🟪 Have you captured the main idea of the original?
 🟪 Do other ideas appear in the best order?
 🟪 Do your sentences make sense?
 🟪 What should you add, remove, or rework in your summary?

Editing & Proofreading

Check for Errors 🟪 Check your spelling, capitalization, and punctuation. Then write a neat final copy to share.

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Vocabulary List:
  • summary: short writing that provides the main point and key details of a longer work

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