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Write on Track Online Handbook

Teacher Tips and Answers


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The Write on Track handbook is divided into five parts.

1. The Process of Writing

What’s your writing process? Do you make a plan and follow it? Or do you dive in and gather ideas as you go? Improve your writing process here!

2. The Forms of Writing

Would you like to tell a true story about your life or a made-up story about a superhero? Turn to this section for help writing many different forms.

3. The Tools of Learning

Would you like to improve your reading and speaking skills? Would you like better grades and less stress on tests? You’ll find help here.

4. Proofreader’s Guide

When should you use a semicolon? What is subject-verb agreement? Is this word spelled right? Is it capitalized? Find out here.

5. Student Almanac

What’s the largest state? What’s the biggest planet? What kind of hips did diplodocus have? You’ll find answers in these exciting pages!

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Kid with Kite
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Why Write?

Writing helps you learn new things and share what you already know. Writing lets you explore your mind, your world, and the depths of time and space. Most importantly, writing helps you think, and thinking leads to success in school and far beyond the classroom!

Write on Track is your guide to writing. It teaches you how to plan, write, and revise. It leads you through essays, reports, letters, stories, poems, and much more. Write on Track even answers your questions about grammar!

A Friendly Guide

Write on Track helps you read, take tests, become a better speller, and much more. Think of it as a friend that goes with you to every class to make sure you do well.

Have fun using your handbook. It’s full of kids and cats and curious creatures that want to keep you Write on Track!

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Standards Correlations:

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