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WT 076 Writing Notes and Emails

Teacher Tips and Answers


WT 76

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Writing Notes and Emails

Has anyone ever given you a note? Maybe Mom or Dad puts notes in your backpack. Maybe your class leaves notes with questions about the lesson. Maybe your best friend sends you text messages or emails.

Short and Quick

You can write a quick note and hand it to someone or put it where the person will find it. You can write a text message or email and press “Send.” The fun continues when you get a note back!

Boy Discovers Note from Mom
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WT 77

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Reasons to Send Notes

You can send a note or text at any time and for any reason. Think about the following four reasons:

To Say Thank You

Has someone done something special for you? Is there someone you really should thank? Send a note!

Note to Mrs. Beale
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To Ask a Favor

Sometime you may want to ask someone for a favor.

Note to Shayna
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To Send a Special Message

Sometimes it’s important to tell a friend that he or she is special. Remember that you can text or email your messages.

Email to Jess
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To Give a Reminder

Notes and email messages are often used to give someone a reminder.

Email to Group
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Fun Note Ideas
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Vocabulary List:
  • note: short message given to someone

  • text message: short message sent to someone electronically

  • email: message sent to someone over the Internet

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