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WT 080 Writing Friendly Letters

Teacher Tips and Answers


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Writing Friendly Letters

Friendly letters feel like gifts in your mailbox. They are fun to receive and to write. Letters can include drawings, hearts, and even pressed flowers! They help you keep in touch with faraway friends and relatives.

Parts of a Friendly Letter

Friendly letters have five parts: the heading, the salutation, the body, the closing, and the signature.

    1. The heading includes your address and the date.

    2. The salutation, or greeting, usually begins with the word “Dear” and is followed by the name of the person you are writing to. Place a comma after the name.

    3. The body of the letter contains your thoughts and ideas.

    4. The closing can be anything from “Love” to “See you soon.” Follow the closing with a comma.

    5. Put your signature below your closing.

Student Writes a Letter at a Desk
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Sample Friendly Letter

Sara Smith wrote to her friend Angie, who had moved away to live on a farm in Michigan. Sara and Angie agreed to write letters to keep their friendship going.

Letter to Angie
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Writing a Letter


Pick Someone to Write To 🟪 Maybe your best friend has moved away. Or maybe you would like to share big news with a cousin or your grandma.

Plan What You Will Say 🟪 Make a short list of the things you want to say. Trina made this list for a letter to her cousin Lynn:

  • my new bike
  • pictures of Mr. Pudge and Whiskers
  • class picnic

  • Milwaukee Public Museum

Writing a Draft

Include Your Best Ideas 🟪 Start with an idea from your list. Then add ideas and details until you say everything you want to say.

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Review Your Work 🟪 Think of what the reader already knows. Think of what the person needs to know.

  • Does your letter provide enough details?
  • Are the details interesting and fun?
  • Do you need to explain anything?

Editing & Proofreading

Check for Errors 🟪 Make sure your letter has complete sentences and follows the rules.

  • Correct spelling and punctuation errors.
  • Write a neat final copy to send.
  • Make sure you have correctly addressed the envelope.
  • Envelope Ideas
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Vocabulary List:
  • friendly letter: personal message written on paper and sent in an envelope through the mail

  • heading: your address and the date at the top of a letter

  • salutation: greeting to the reader, usually starting with Dear plus the reader's name

  • body: main part of the letter where you share information

  • closing: polite way to end a letter, often with Sincerely or Your friend followed by a comma

  • signature: your name written under the closing

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