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Write on Course 20-20 Teacher's Guide Table of Contents

Write on Course 20-20 Teacher's Guide

Below, you'll find a chapter-by-chapter guide to using Write on Course 20-20 in your classroom. Scroll through the table of contents below and click a chapter title to view teacher support. On any page, you can open the table of contents by clicking the orange box at the bottom center of your screen:

Table of Contents

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The Process of Writing

The Writing Process

Learning Writing Skills

The Forms of Writing

Choosing the Best Form

Personal Writing

Narrative Writing

Explanatory Writing

Persuasive (Argument) Writing

Writing About Literature

News Writing

Creative Writing

Research Writing

Writing Across the Curriculum

The Tools of Learning

Using Technology and Resources

Reading and Vocabulary Skills

Speaking, Viewing, and Listening Skills

Thinking Skills

Learning Skills

Proofreader's Guide

Student Almanac

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