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Writing a Historical Dialogue

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Writing a Historical Dialogue


One fun way to learn about history and current events is to create a conversation between you and a noteworthy person. That is the purpose of a historical dialogue. 

Dialogue is a written conversation between two or more people. The best dialogue sounds realistic, even if it is made up.

Your Turn Follow the instructions to create a conversation between you and an important contributor to social studies, science, math, or English.

  1. Choose a person from the past or present whom you find interesting but don't know much about.
  2. Research the significant events and experiences from the person's life.
  3. Create a dialogue between you and this person in which you discuss the person's life and work.
  4. Use an interview format to make the conversation easy to follow.
    • Person A:
    • Person B:
    • Person A:
    • Person B:
  5. Keep the conversation going as long as you can. (Not everything that the person says has to be completely accurate.)

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