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Time Surgeons

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Time Surgeons

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A surgeon is a highly trained doctor who diagnoses a problem with someone's body, cuts the person open, and fixes the problem. A surgical solution makes the smallest cut to create the biggest improvement.

What if you could do the same thing with history? What if you could identify a huge problem in history, then travel back in a time machine to make one tiny change that fixes the problem? Use your best creative thinking to imagine just what you would do.

Your Turn Follow the steps below to become a time surgeon.

  1. Identify a major problem in a time period that you are studying.
  2. Figure out the smallest intervention that could change history and prevent the problem from happening.
  3. Write a paragraph or two telling how you would travel back as a time surgeon and make the change that will fix the problem.
  4. Write another paragraph or two describing how your tiny intervention would change the world.
  5. Write a final paragraph or two expressing how you feel about returning in time to live in the new world you have made.

From the blog post "How to Teach Creativity"

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