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Using Perspective Shifting to Imagine History

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Using Perspective Shifting to Imagine History

illustration of man and horse imagining history
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Perspective shifting involves intentionally shifting out of your normal point of view to discover new ways of thinking and understanding. The strategy can help you connect to history. In this example, a student considers the perspective of a Cherokee Indian of a similar age during the tragic Trail of Tears.

Topic: American Indian Studies

I am (a/an) What if I were (a/an)
Boy Boy
American citizen Cherokee Indian in America
From Tennessee From Tennessee
11 years old 11 years old
Living in 2015 Living in the 1800s
Learning multiplication Learning to set animal traps
Responsible for cleaning my room Responsible for hunting and fishing
Living at home Forced to leave my home

Your Turn Make your own perspective-shifting chart (or copy this Google doc). In the left column, write facts about yourself, from general to specific. In the right column, change some facts to match someone in history. Now, write about a historical event from the viewpoint of the person in history.

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