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Write for Work

Write for Work
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Looking for a program to prepare your students to find jobs, thrive in their workplaces, and advance on their career paths? Look no further than Write for Work!

Write for Work is a workbook that contains everything your students need to develop business writing and communication skills. Students start by profiling a company they would like to work for and a job they would like to have. Then, as they work through the book, students write about their intended career paths in retail, service, manufacturing, building, or other industries. Write for Work even helps students land a job. A whole section focuses on career plans, résumés, job-related letters, and interview skills.

Write for Work teaches students to create effective forms of business writing: emails, memos, letters, summaries, instructions, reports, proposals, and much more. Each form includes concise guidelines and clear models. Practice activities throughout the book prompt students to create their own writing, and charts, diagrams, tips, and special features help visual learners.

Students also learn crucial communication skills: using respectful language, listening actively, communicating by phone, performing in interviews, working in groups, creating and giving presentations, leading meetings, giving and receiving criticism, and resolving conflicts.

You'll also find almost 100 pages dedicated to practicing the rules of writing: punctuation, capitalization, spelling, mechanics, usage, and grammar. A special chapter provides support for multilingual students. In these sections, each left-hand page includes rules of English and examples that demonstrate the rules. The right-hand pages include practice exercises to help students gain mastery.

Write for Work prepares your students to write and communicate effectively to get the job, to excel on the job, and to build a career path into the future. Pair it with Write for Business, the concise workplace writing handbook used by dozens of businesses and government agencies.

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