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Resources for K-12 Writing

You’ll find all kinds of resources for your English language arts classroom here on The team behind these resources has spent more than 40 years developing instructional materials. You may know us from Writers INC or the Write Source Series or even The College Writer. Check out our latest resources:

Writing Handbooks

If you need a high school writing handbook for juniors and seniors, get your copy of the all new Write for College. Freshman and sophomore writers can explore the fully revised Write Ahead.

If you need a middle school writing handbook, check out new editions of Write on Course 20-20  and All Write (ELL).

For upper-elementary writers, take a look at Writers Express (4th and 5th grade) and Write on Track (3rd grade). You'll also find a great second grade handbook in Write Away and new editions of Write One (1st grade) and The Writing Spot (kindergarten).

Online Writing Units

You can get access to more than 30 online writing units that teach everything from Writing Process Essays and Writing Tall Tales to Summarizing, Paraphrasing, and Quoting. Each unit leads students step by step through the process of developing the form. Students learn each form with models, examples, activities, guidelines, checklists, strategies, skills, videos, and more.

Minilessons, Infographics, and Videos

You’ll find a growing storehouse of free minilessons, infographics, and videos that you can use to teach writing, communication, and thinking.

Student Models and Writing Topics

Browse our collection of free writing models created by real students and sorted by grade level and mode: narrative, explanatory, persuasive, response to literature, research, business, and creative.

You can also see hundreds of writing topics that provide great starting points for essays, reports, stories, and much more.

Frequently Asked Questions

On these pages, you can get answers to your frequently asked questions about writing:

Blog and Newsletter

You can also check out the Thoughtful Learning Blog for more articles on English language arts, 21st century skills, and social-emotional learning. If you like what you see, subscribe to the Thoughtful Learning Newsletter for more updates.

Free Online Workplace Writing

You can use the free online Write for Business resource to help students prepare for their careers—or to guide your own business writing.