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The Writing Spot Buddy Book

Writing Spot Buddy Book
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Every kindergartner needs a Writing Spot—a special place filled with fun words to write and pictures to color and ideas to draw. The Writing Spot Buddy Book gives your students just such a space, with activities designed to engage kindergartners while teaching them important sight words and helping them build meaningful sentences from them. Spot the dog is their best friend and guide on this journey through writing and learning.

Students write their names right on the inside covers and continue to color and write on every page afterward, making the books their very own. They’ll find these welcoming sections in The Writing Spot Buddy Book:

  • The Process of Writing helps your students prewrite, write, revise, and edit.
  • The Forms of Writing shows your students how to write notes, lists, stories, and more.
  • The Tools of Learning teaches students how to learn with others and use computers.
  • Word Study/Phonics helps your students explore letters, sounds, words, and sentences.
  • Almanac/Theme Pages teach important high-frequency words at work and play—and everywhere in between.
  • Alphabet Pages provide a personal ABC word dictionary for students to complete, along with more high-frequency words.

The Writing Spot Buddy Book anchors a full kindergarten writing program: The free online Big Book presents beautiful, colorful images to engage and inspire students to write, read, and learn. The free online Teacher's Guide provides a scope and sequence, a yearlong timetable, getting-started activities, page-by-page guidance through the Big Book, and Buddy Book, free downloads and extension activities, help with assessment, and much more!

To see how these components work together, download the Program Overview, which includes a 4-step process for getting started. You can also receive free professional development.


Wonderful . .  . !

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

“The activities are very age appropriate. I am using it for homeschooling, and we are one week into the program, and my daughter loves this introduction to writing. She wrote her first note to Daddy and was very proud. I highly recommend this guide.”

—Anne from Baltimore

Writing for Kindergartners

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

“A great introduction to the art of writing for kindergartners.”

—Lisa Weight, Teacher
Ravenwood Elementary, Eagle River, AK

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  • Writing Spot Buddy Book
  • Writing Spot Buddy Book
  • Writing Spot Buddy Book
  • Writing Spot Buddy Book
  • Writing Spot Buddy Book
  • Writing Spot Buddy Book
  • Writing Spot Buddy Book
  • Writing Spot Buddy Book
  • Writing Spot Buddy Book

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