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The Writing Spot Big Book

The Writing Spot Big Book

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Welcome to The Writing Spot free online Big Book, which you can project in your classroom to guide students through their Buddy Books.

On any page of the Big Book, you can open the table of contents by clicking the orange box at the bottom center of your screen:

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Be sure also to check out the free, online Writing Spot Teacher's Guide, which leads you page by page through the Big Book, helping you know how to present the material using your students' Buddy Books and many other free downloads.

The Writing Spot Big Book

The Process of Writing

Spot writes.   4

Writers look and think to find ideas.   5

Writers talk and listen to get information.   6

Writers read to learn.   7

Writers write to share ideas.   8

Writers share to explain and entertain.   9

The Forms of Writing

We send notes and cards.  10

We make lists.  11

We write in journals.  12

We tell and write stories.  13

We make signs and labels.  14

The Tools of Learning

We learn together.  15

We use computers to write.  16

Word Study/Phonics

Writers explore letters, sounds, and words.  17

Writers use letters to make words.  18

Writers put words together in sentences.  19

Writers have fun . . .  20

. . . with words.  21

Almanac/Theme Pages

Happy Birthday to you!  22

I feel . . .  23

Let’s be friends.  24

Eat right and exercise.  25

Water is everywhere.  26

Visit our community.  27

What’s the weather?  28

Name the colors.  29

Listen to the rhyme.  30

Once upon a time . . .  31

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