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What are the modes and forms of writing?

The modes describe the writer’s purpose for writing. Each mode has a number of forms of writing—specific documents that accomplish the purpose.

Mode Purpose Forms
Personal To explore thoughts and feelings Journal, Blog, Learning Log
Narrative To tell a true story about people in a place and time having an experience Narrative Paragraph, Personal Narrative, Biographical Narrative
Explanatory (Expository) To inform about a topic or explain how something works Explanatory Paragraph, Explanatory Essay, How-To, Comparison-Contrast, Cause-Effect
Persuasive (Argument) To express an opinion, convince readers to agree, or evaluate something Persuasive Paragraph, Persuasive Essay, Argument, Problem-Solution
Response to Literature To review or analyze a book, poem, play, movie, or other artwork Book Report, Book Review, Literary Analysis, Movie Review
Research To deeply explore a topic using multiple sources and expressing findings Summary, Report, Research Paper
Creative To express human experience through artistic use of language Story, Play, Poem, Song
Business To communicate and track key information in the workplace Email, Letter, Memo, Report, Proposal, Resume