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Summary Review: Arranging a Marriage

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Good Book Review

In this short book review, a middle school student responds to Catherine, Called Birdy.

Title: Summary Review: Arranging a Marriage

Level: Grade 6, Grade 7, Grade 8

Mode: Response to Literature

Form: Book Review

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Summary Review: Arranging a Marriage

Student Model

Summary Review: Arranging a Marriage

The main character in Catherine, Called Birdy by Karen Cushman is Catherine, the 15-year-old daughter of the Lord and Lady of Stonebridge. Other important characters include the members of Catherine’s family and her nurse. The story takes place in medieval times in a manor in Stonebridge, England. (A manor is a big house on a large piece of land.) Catherine’s main problem is that her father is trying to arrange her marriage.

He picks suitors (possible husbands) who are old and rich, but Catherine wants to choose her own husband. Finally, she runs away when the richest suitor wants to marry her. When she comes back, she discovers that this suitor has died. She then marries his son, the person she really likes.


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