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No Friend of Mine

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Poor Book Review

This middle school response to literature focuses on the book The River.

Title: No Friend of Mine

Level: Grade 6, Grade 7, Grade 8

Mode: Response to Literature

Form: Book Review

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No Friend of Mine

Student Model

No Friend of Mine

In Gary Paulsen’s book The River, Brain Robeson is a thirteen year old boy who was going to see this father for the summer time. The plane crashed in the middle of the Canadian wilderness and he had nothing but a hachet. Brian is small and wimpy, yet positive.

My idea of a friend is that he/she has to be thoughtful and friendly. They have to be helpful, cheerful, clean, brave, smart, loyal, curious, kind, fun, respectable, strong, and tuff.

Brian does not fit many of my characteristics mentioned above. His is cheerful, clean, brave, fun, strong, and tuff. Brian could be a good friend, but I do not know how he is around friends.

My conclusion is that I would not like Brian Robeson as a friend. He is too wimpy, he was not even trustworthy enough to tell his father the secret. My kind of friend would have had that much common sense, to tell him.


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