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The Power of Water

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Strong Book Review

This short book review focuses on The Miracle Worker.

Title: The Power of Water

Level: Grade 6, Grade 7, Grade 8

Mode: Response to Literature

Form: Book Review

Completed Rubric: The Power of Water

Blank Rubric: Response to Literature Rubric

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The Power of Water

Student Model

The Power of Water

In The Miracle Worker by William Gibson, the climax happens when Helen Keller finally understands that words have meaning. Helen is deaf, blind, and mute. Her teacher, Annie Sullivan, tries everything to help Helen understand words. For example, she uses sign language to spell out each new thing she gives to Helen. But Helen doesn’t understand that the signs or spellings mean anything. Annie is very frustrated with Helen’s lack of understanding. Then, near the end of the play, Annie has Helen fill a pitcher with water. At the same time, she signs “water” in the palm of Helen’s free hand. Helen suddenly looks surprised. She touches the water and quickly signs “water” in her own hand. Then she signs it in Annie’s hand and makes a sound like “wah, wah.” The miracle has happened. Helen is beginning to understand the meaning of language.


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