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Verb Valley (Classroom)

Grade 3
Grade 4
Grade 5
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Explore Verb Valley!

The Grand Canyon calls you and your students to hike, raft, and fly! Students in grades 3–5 will gaze out from the South Rim and ride mules down the Bright Angel Trail. They will raft the mighty Colorado and ride a helicopter through the canyon. All the while, they'll learn about verbs!

Verb Valley includes . . .

  • Two major experiences: taking an epic hike or going on an expedition
  • Eight adventures that teach about active and passive verbs, subject-verb agreement, tenses, helping verbs, and much more!
  • Two robust activities that allow students to apply what they have learned
  • The Verb Valley quiz to test their learning
  • Standards alignment and vocabulary throughout the adventures

You can project videos on the board and have students vote on their next adventure, or you can have students work independently, completing assignments and quizzes at their own pace. They can hand in Google doc assignments through a Google Classroom workflow, or print them out and fill them in by hand. And your students will have a lot to write about—brimming with their amazing discoveries!

So, journey through the amazing Grand Canyon, and take action with vivid verbs!

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