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Reinforcing Grammar, Usage, and Punctuation (At-Home)

Reinforcing Grammar, Usage, and Punctuation (At-Home)
Grade 8
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Reinforcing Grammar, Usage, and Punctuation
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This online unit helps eighth graders gain grammar skills. Students work with different kinds of sentences, create subjunctive mood and avoid mood shifts, learn to convert passive voice to active, use verbal and prepositional phrases, improve usage, choose effective nouns and verbs, and practice using a variety of punctuation for correctness and effect. Each of the 23 lessons starts with an instructional video followed by rules and examples. Two illustrated grammar activities and one writing activity help students practice what they learn.

You get Google doc activities, answers, standards correlations (grade 8), and more teaching support. Students who struggle can shift to Improving Grammar, Usage, and Punctuation (grade 7), while high-flyers can move up to Refining Grammar, Usage, and Punctuation (grade 9)—more online units in the Inside Grammar series.

Reinforcing Grammar, Usage, and Punctuation works well for in-person and distance instruction. You can assign activities on paper or as part of a Google Classroom workflow. Each standards-based lesson is correlated to CCSS, LAFS, and TEKS.