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Writing a Family Story and Historical Marker

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Writing a Family Story and Historical Marker

Kascinski's World Famous Hot Dog Stand Plaque

All families have stories about their past and present. Some of these stories are interesting or important; others may be funny or sad. The people in your family and their stories are part of your story, too. The following family story tells about the writer’s great-great grandfather:

The First Kascinski in America

Joseph was the first Kascinski in my family to come to America from Poland. He arrived by ship in 1914 in New York. He next traveled by train to Milwaukee. Joseph fought in World War I and then in 1919 started his own business, a hot dog stand along North Beach. He was the first food vendor there, and his success allowed him later to start two restaurants. Joseph’s hard work helped our family get started in America.

It can be fun to honor a family member with a historical marker, too. (A historical marker honors a person or event and can be posted at an important site.) Here is a historical marker honoring Joseph Kascinski.


Your Turn Write a family story and create a historical marker based on it.

  1. Identify a family story you would like to share. This could be a story from the past or present. If needed, ask a family member for help.
  2. Gather details about the story.
  3. Write your story. Answer the 5 W’s (who? what? when? where? and why?) about the person or event.
  4. Create a historical marker based on the story. Combine graphics and words on your marker. Be creative.

From page 136 in Writers Express

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