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Using Perspective Shifting to Understand Others

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Using Perspective Shifting to Understand Others

illustration of girl and boy working together
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Perspective shifting lets you shift out of your normal point of view to discover new ways of thinking and understanding. In this example, a boy listed facts about himself, from general to specific. Then he listed facts about a new student from another country. Afterward, he thought about how he and the new student were similar and different. He tried to imagine what she might be thinking and feeling:

I am (a/an) What if I were (a/an)
Boy Girl
American Japanese
Monolingual (English) Bilingual (Japanese and English)
Born and raised in Walla Walla New to Walla Walla from Osaka, Japan
Age 14 Age 14
Fan of music and dancing Fan of music and dancing
Outgoing Shy

Your Turn Make your own perspective-shifting chart (or copy this Google doc). In the left column, write facts about yourself, from general to specific. In the right column, write facts about someone else. Think of what you have in common as well as differences. Then write a paragraph about what the other person might be thinking or feeling.

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