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If I Were a President's Pet

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If I Were a President's Pet

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For over a hundred years, every U.S. president has had pets in the White House. Most had dogs and cats, but some pets were unusual. Teddy Roosevelt had a rabbit, badger, kangaroo rat, and flying squirrel. On occasion, he also hosted a coyote, hyena, zebra, bear, or lion!

If you were a president's pet, what kind would you be? This activity will help you imagine being a pet in the White House.

Your Turn Imagine being the pet of a favorite president. Answer these questions to spark your imagination:

  • Who is your president?
  • What kind of pet are you?
  • What are you given to eat?
  • Where do you sleep?
  • What is your favorite daytime activity?
  • What kind of personality do you have? (cuddly? scary? brave? fierce? protective? goofy? something else?)
  • Have you ever frightened or made someone laugh in the White House? What happened?
  • What is your most memorable story about the president?
  • What is the best part of living in the White House?

Write a story about being a president's pet. Use words like I, me, my, and mine as you describe your adventures in the White House.

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