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Analyzing with a Line Diagram

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Analyzing with a Line Diagram

US Gov Line Diagram
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When you need to understand the parts of something and see how they relate, you can create a line diagram. This diagram shows the three branches of the U.S. federal government, with subparts connected underneath. A line diagram can help you understand how people in your family are related, how your school is organized, or how the pages in a Web site are connected.

Your Turn Create a line diagram to analyze the parts of a topic you are studying. This activity helps you create a diagram by hand, but you can also download the line diagram template at the bottom of this minilesson.

  1. At the top of a piece of paper, write your topic and draw a rectangle around it.
  2. Think of the major parts of that topic. How many are there?
  3. Draw a box for each part, write the part name in the box, and draw a line connecting the box to the topic rectangle.
  4. Think of the subparts under each part. How many are there?
  5. Draw a box for each subpart, name it, and connect it to the appropriate part box.
  6. Share your line diagram with a classmate and discuss the structure that you have created. 
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