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Pun-ishing Idioms

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Pun-ishing Idioms

Shocking Puns

Idioms are groups of words with a meaning different from their literal definition. So, once you understand the figurative meaning of an idiom, you can use them literally to create ridiculous puns:

People who bite their own toenails really put their foot in their mouth.

After striking the iceberg, the passengers on the Titanic got a sinking feeling.

Hiring a new administrator for the logging camp was a run-of-the-mill decision.

After having a bowel resection, the man said, "I'll never have the guts to do that again."

The astronauts on a spacewalk were running on empty.

Your Turn Check out the following idioms, and if any are unfamiliar, look them up in Write for College or online. Pick out four or more idioms from this list (or others that you find) and write a pun for each one, using the idiom in a literal way.

across the board

back to the drawing board

ballpark estimate

brain drain

budget crunch

come up short

cut to the chase

drop the ball

easy come, easy go

get the upper hand

go down swinging

hot-button issue

in black and white

in the red

keep it under your hat

knuckle down

lend a hand

look high and low

on a roll

over and above

play it by ear

read between the lines

reinvent the wheel

save face

shake a leg

sight unseen

word of mouth

From 559 in Write for College

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