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Dear Mr. Underwood

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Okay Business Letter

This business letter thanks a community member for a donation to a shop class.

Title: Dear Mr. Underwood

Level: Grade 9, Grade 10

Mode: Business Writing

Form: Business Letter

Completed Rubric: Dear Mr. Underwood Rubric

Blank Rubric: Workplace Writing Rubric

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Dear Mr. Underwood

Student Model

1226 Winell St.
St. Louis, MO 63000
March 12, 2017


Mr. Cal Underwood, Owner
Underwood Auto Sales
445 McNair St.
St. Louis, MO 63000

Dear Mr. Underwood:

I am writing to you because me and the other students in the Jones Tech auto shop class want you to know we appresiate your donation of the car engine. Because our school has some budget troubles we don’t always have the best equipment in our shop. We have some small engines, but we’ve never had a car engine before.

Having this engine will give us the chance to learn a lot more about auto mechinics. It really helps to have the real thing. Usually we just have models or pictures to look at. Now we will be able to really get into it. We have already taken it apart and put it back together three times and each time we learn something new that we will be able to use when we work on engines in the future.

Thanks again for the engine. It’s real great.


Derek Lawton

Derek Lawton


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