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Dear Mrs. Jay

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Poor Business Letter

This business letter thanks a parent for her help with a school dance.

Title: Dear Mrs. Jay

Level: Grade 9, Grade 10

Mode: Business Writing

Form: Business Letter

Completed Rubric: Dear Mrs. Jay

Blank Rubric: Workplace Writing Rubric

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Dear Mrs. Jay

Student Model

1612 Mesa Drive
Mesa, AZ 85000


Ms. Azure Jay
28856 Hibbert St.
Mesa, AZ 85000

Dear Mrs. Jay:

Thanks for all your help in making the Mesa North High School Winter Dance such a success. We all had alot of fun, and really apreciated your hard work and cookies the punch was great too! Everybody loved the decorations, and I know I had alot of fun cutting out all the little snowflakes and putting them up. I also had fun talking to you while we worked. You always do so much for us! Sussie is lucky to have you for a mom, your so cool! The cheerleaders made alot of money on the dance and we will be able to buy alot of new uniforms for next year. Thanks alot for everything!

See ya,

Bena McKechnie


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