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The beginning paragraph of this writer's report invites the reader to keep going. The details show that she knows a lot about cheetahs.


You should never race a cheetah. Do you know why? Because you'll always lose. That’s because cheetahs are very fast runners. They can run up to 75 miles per hour.

The cheetah gets its food by running. But sometimes the lion takes over and grabs the food. That's mean!

Cheetahs are carnivores. That means they eat meat. Their prey are gazelles and rodents. The cheetah lives and finds food in Africa.

The cheetah and the lion eat each other. If the cheetah is weaker, the lion eats the cheetah, and it's the same with the other.

The cheetah has up to three to five babies. The cheetah has larger litters than other cats, but on average only two cubs live into adulthood.

Cheetahs are amazing. I hope you like cheetahs. I know I do!

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