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Analyzing Point of View in Media

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Analyzing Point of View in Media


Every media message (news story, song, television show, and so on) has a point of view. Point of view refers to the perspective of the person who created the message. Whenever you receive a message, you should think about the sender's point of view and any missing perspectives. A missing point of view may make a message untrustworthy.

Your Turn Think about your favorite TV show. Analyze it by answering the following questions:

  1. Who or what is featured in the show?
  2. Who is presented positively? Who is presented negatively?
  3. What genders, ethnicities, and cultures are represented? Are they represented fairly and equally?
  4. What characters' perspectives are left out?
  5. Whose point of view do you wish the show would address more fully?

Your Turn Analyze the packaging for "Fresh Surf" men's body wash.

  1. Who or what is included in the message?
  2. What type of person is the reader invited to identify with?
  3. What gender is represented? Is it represented fairly and equally?
  4. Is another perspective needed to fully understand the subject? 
  5. What do the missing points of view reveal about the message?

Fresh Surf Body Wash


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