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Using Hydrochloric Acid (Good)

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This middle school set of instructions discusses safe handling of a caustic substance.

Title: Using Hydrochloric Acid (Good)

Level: Grade 6, Grade 7, Grade 8

Mode: Business Writing

Form: Instructions

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Student Model

Using Hydrochloric Acid (HCl)

Hydrochloric acid is either concentrated or diluted. Handle it carefully because it burns!


Keep hydrochloric acid in glass bottles. Also keep it away from metal because it will corrode metals and could make hydrogen gas.


Wearing safety glasses is a good idea. Using latex gloves and old clothes makes sense, too. Wearing short-sleeved shirts, shorts, or sandals is a bad idea. Breathing the fumes can knock you out! When acid spills on your skin, rinse it with water for a few minutes. Use a gauze bandage for small burns. With serious burns, go to a doctor.


In the lab, you will either dilute or titrate hydrochloric acid. When diluting, pore the acid into the water. Doing it the other way isn’t safe. In titration, use a buret to measure what HCl you need to react with sodium hydroxide or sodium carbonate. Your measurement of the base will be right, then.


Neutralize leftover HCl by mixing the acid with a sodium hydroxide solution. Flush it down the drain. Cover a spill of HCl with baking soda. After the fizzing stops, sweep up the soda and put it in the garbage or drain.


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