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Letter to the Editor (Arts)

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Good Persuasive Letter

This persuasive letter argues that art should continue to receive funding in middle school.

Title: Letter to the Editor (Arts)

Level: Grade 6, Grade 7, Grade 8

Mode: Persuasive Writing

Form: Persuasive Letter

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Letter to the Editor (Arts)

Student Model

Dear Editor,

I’m a thirteen year old eighth grader at Hillsdale Middle School. I’m active in dance and love the arts. I’m appalled at how little attention is given to the arts in our schools today.

At many high schools, there are entire sports sections in the school newspaper, while a concert may be lucky to get a 200-word article. This is shocking.

The youth of today may never be exposed to such greats as Van Gogh, YoYo Ma, Sarah Brightman, and Beethoven. Unfortunately, most people never will witness the sheer beauty and strength of a pointe soloist, the passion of a full symphony orchestra, be brought to tears by an aria, or stand in awe before a masterpiece of art.

Of even more concern is that future artists are coming home from baseball practice instead of orchestra rehearsal because their talents are suppressed in our sports oriented society. It’s not surprising this is happening when the orchestras are folding but professional athletes negotiate for million-dollar salaries.

I realize that sports make money for the school, but so could the arts. Selling tickets to a play can be just as lucrative as tickets to a football game. Earlier exposure could be the key.

Today the arts are considered extra, but I believe they are a necessity. People should experience the finer things in life. I suppose, though, in today’s world, to be noticed, the ballerinas should wear football jerseys and bounce a basketball.

Yours truly,

Courtney Holowach


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