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Toilet-to-Tap Water

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Okay Persuasive Essay

This persuasive essay argues for avoiding a change in sewage treatment policies.

Title: Toilet-to-Tap Water

Level: Grade 6, Grade 7, Grade 8

Mode: Persuasive Writing

Form: Persuasive Essay

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Student Model

Toilet-to-Tap Water

Drinking recycled sewer water does not sound too good to many people who live in San Diego. Mayor Susan Golding has delayed the toilet to tap water treatment and has stopped the talk of any more talk about it. She has every right to do so too.

Golding is worried about the cost and safety of the whole water purification plan. In the mean while, researchers will have more time to look into other possible water sources ad rethink this the whole plan over. This is definitely a smart move by Mayor Golding.

The delay will hold off the flow of the purified sewage water until at least the year 2005. This is the earliest possible year too. The longer the better.

Other San Diegans think it is a good idea to reuse the sewer water. They were a little mad at the delay caused by Mayor Golding. If they agree with the water purification program, they should sign up and receive the water by choice.

Nothing is wrong with the source we have now. It could supply San Diego with water for a long time. Anyway, the program will cost San Diego $154 million dollars, which if it is canceled the money could be used for other programs.

If the toilet to tap goes through, people should have a choice about where their water comes from. The city cannot make people drink cleaned sewer water. One thing is for sure, there is going to be a large demand for bottled water in the near future.


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