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I Have a Dream . . . Too

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Okay Explanatory Essay

In this explanatory essay, a middle school writer explains the dream of being a pediatrician.

Title: I Have a Dream . . . Too

Level: Grade 6, Grade 7, Grade 8

Mode: Explanatory Writing

Form: Explanatory Essay

Completed Rubric: I Have a Dream Too Rubric

Blank Rubric: Explanatory Rubric

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I Have a Dream . . . Too

Student Model

I Have a Dream . . . Too

I can picture myself sitting on my sofa reading, when my pager goes off. It’s the pediatrics unit. Gotta go! That’s what I hope my life will be like when I grow up. My dream is to be a pediatrician. I also wish to be financially secure soon after becoming a pediatrician.

In the future I hope to become a pediatrician. I would like to help children with a disease like AIDS or Cancer. I’m also interested in learning about anatomy and physiology. My aunt is an obstetrician and I admire the hard work she puts in her job. I wish to follow in her footsteps.

Eventually I will be financially secure. After some years of working I’ll have a nice lifestyle. I’ll be able to take vacations and things like that. When my mom is older I’ll help her out in her old age. Since I’ll be working with children with AIDS and cancer, I will give a lot of money to charities that help children with those diseases.

In conclusion I dream to become a pediatrician who works with children with AIDS and cancer. After working for awhile I want to be financially secure in life. At the end of my career I want to have made a difference in some children’s lives and possibly help them view life in a different way.


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