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A Day I'll Never Forget

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Okay Personal Narrative

This personal narrative tells about a day on the lake.

Title: A Day I'll Never Forget

Level: Grade 6, Grade 7, Grade 8

Mode: Narrative Writing

Form: Personal Narrative

Completed Rubric: A Day I'll Never Forget Rubric

Blank Rubric: Narrative Rubric

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A Day I'll Never Forget

Student Model

A Day I’ll Never Forget

It was cloudy, cool, and rainy when we started up the engine of the boat. Mr. Jones drove while Mrs. Jones, Alysa, and I sat watching the grayish waves of the lake bounce the boat. We arrived at our destination and Alysa and I got the tube ready and put it in the water.

Alysa got in first, Mr. Jones started the engine and took off, as fast as he could go, through the water. Alysa started going sideways through the waves, she had a lack of pain on her face. she let go, then flew into the waves with a splash.

Now it was my turn. I had never been tubing before and I was not scared, but I felt a little shaky. Soon I was going very fast and my legs started hurting, because they were skiming the water so fast. After a short time I let go, because my arms hurt. I hit the water very hard, but it was so fun.

I got good enough for us both to go on the tube together. Mr. Jones started the engine. Alysa and I hung on for dear life. We were on for a while, but a big boat made waves. We fell over, so we got in the boat and headed for home.

I was sad to see it end, but I would do it again, very soon!


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