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A response to literature can take many forms other than a book report. Sixth-grader Mark decided to respond in a poem patterned after the poetry he read in the Redwall series of fantasy books. (These stories are about peace-loving small animals who exhibit human characteristics in a medieval setting, facing day-to-day struggles of good versus evil, life versus death.) The author of the Redwall books never mentions where the “Badger lords” come from, so Mark created this fictional place called Limadastrin and describes how one would find it.


When you wish to challenge Death,

Seek the one the Hares call Seth.

When you find out where he lies,

Look to the northeastern skies.

Travel to the redstone house;

Do not wake a single Mouse.

On the night of Nameday Feast,

You must leave and travel east.

Do not meet the Greatrat horde.

Build a boat, get right on board;

Travel east across the lake.

Still—a noise you must not make!

Once you reach the mountain bold,

All the mystery will unfold.

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