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This report was submitted by Brittany, a second grader. The ending of Brittany’s report shares exactly how she feels about her subject.


Ladybugs are insects. Insects are bugs that have six legs. Ladybugs have all kinds of designs on their wings. They have dots, stripes, and other designs. In England ladybugs are called ladybirds.

Ladybugs are harmless, but if you pick one up it will tickle you! Ladybugs are very helpful to farmers because they eat aphids. Aphids are tiny bugs that eat plants. Ladybugs’ enemies are spiders and praying mantises.

If you find a ladybug, don’t smash it. Put it in some flowers nearby. If you like ladybugs as much as I do, then you should read The Grumpy Ladybug by Eric Carle. I love ladybugs!

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