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Second-grade writer Kirsten shares many interesting facts in her report. Notice how she ties everything together by mentioning the horse’s good eyesight in both the first and last paragraphs.


Did you know horses can point their ears more than we can? Did you know that horses can groom one another? Horses can also see more than we can. They can see what is behind and what is in front of them.

Some horses live in North America, South America, Europe, and Australia. Fifty-five million years ago horses were dog sized. Horses are black, brown, white, and spotted. Horses like to eat grass. Horses live on a farm and outside.

Horses played a big role in the development of our country. They carried people west. They pulled covered wagons, firewagons, farmers’ plows, and stagecoaches. They carried the mail. In the 1900s the horse was replaced by the car and the train.

The largest horse is the Percheron. It is 21 hands high. The smallest horse is the Falabella. It is only 7 hands high. Horses usually have one baby a year. They live 25 to 35 years.

I wish I could be like a horse because they know when they are in danger. They can see so well because their eyes are on the sides of their faces.

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