Writing Research Reports

Writing Research Reports
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Writing Research Reports helps your students gain the reading and writing skills they need to conduct research and write reports with documentation. Students receive step-by-step guidance to create their own research reports. Instructions, activities, examples, videos, interactives, and downloads help students gain new writing strategies and skills. You can also present this unit right from your interactive whiteboard.

Students start by practicing their summarizing skills. Then they read a sample research report and respond to it. At that point, students launch into their own research:

  • Prewriting activities help students select a topic that aligns with your current course of study. They'll also learn how to find print and online resources about their topics, gather information from them, and create citations. Activities help student practice their paraphrasing and quoting skills.
  • Writing activities help students begin their reports in an interesting way and provide their focus (thesis) statements. Students develop middle paragraphs that support the focus with a variety of details, citing sources of information. They then create ending paragraphs that wrap up the report. Students even receive guidance for creating a works-cited page.
  • Revising activities help students use factual evidence from sources to support ideas and opinions. They also learn to connect ideas with transitions.
  • Editing activities help students check their in-text citations and perfect their report format.
  • Publishing and reflecting activities help students create a clean final copy of their reports and think about what they have learned.

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