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Writing Freely and Rapidly

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Writing Freely and Rapidly

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How are your favorite authors able to write so much about an idea? It’s simple. They have mastered the skill of writing fluently or easily. You can practice this important skill through freewriting. Here’s what freewriting can look like:

The Cubs rocked last night. The Pirates could not hit any of Jake Arietta’s pitches. They were swinging at air. The cubs were really not that much better. They had only four hits. Dexter Fowler hit a single and a home run and Kyle Schwarber hit a bomb in the right field stands. What is so cool about the Cubs is they are a bunch of rookies and they are slamming everybody. I think they will win the whole thing. Who’s going to beat them. The cards? No way . . .

In freewriting, the ideas flow rapidly. As a result, there may be a few spelling or punctuation errors. But that is okay.

Your Turn Write freely about a favorite experience or day.

  1. Write nonstop for at least five minutes. (Time yourself.)
  2. Don’t stop to think. Just keep writing what is on your mind.
  3. At the end of five minutes, count the number of words you have written.
  4. Share your writing with a classmate. Have the person underline one or two ideas that are interesting or surprising.
  5. Continue freewriting, counting words, and sharing to improve your writing fluency. 

From page 42 in Writers Express

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