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Understanding a Message's Subject and Purpose

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Understanding a Message's Subject and Purpose

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All messages are about something (the subject) and are trying to do something (the purpose). Whether you are reading an article, watching a commercial, or listening to a speech, you should think about the subject of the message and its purpose. Watch this video to understand how you can analyze any message.

Your Turn Analyze a message. Think of a message that you are currently studying. It might be a page in your textbook, or a story that you have read, or even the video you just watched. Analyze the message by answering these questions:

  1. What is the message about (its subject)?
  2. What was the original sender trying to do with the message (its purpose)?
  3. Can you trust this message based on its subject and purpose?
  4. Is the message now being used by another sender for a different reason? (For example, does your teacher have a different reason for presenting this than the original sender?) If so, what is the new purpose?
  5. If you showed this message to someone else, what would be your purpose?

From pages 242-245 in Inquire High School

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