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Solving Problems Critically and Creatively

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Solving Problems Critically and Creatively

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You solve problems every day, and not just in math class. You figure out what to wear, what to eat, and how to manage friendships. You can solve even bigger problems using critical and creative thinking. Watch this video to find out how.

Your Turn Critically analyze a problem. Think of a problem that relates to something you are studying, or use this problem: Many people don't have enough to eat. Analyze the problem critically by writing down the causes and effects of it in a chart like this one.



Why does this problem happen?


What results from this problem?









Your Turn Creatively offer solutions. Review the causes and effects of your problem. Brainstorm ways to remove one or more of the causes. Brainstorm ways to lessen one or more of the effects. Create a list of as many possible solutions as you can, even wild ones! Which solution interests you most? What would you have to do to make it work? (The next step in problem-solving is planning the solution.)

From pages 47-66 in Inquire High School

From the blog post "How to Teach Creativity"

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