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Avoiding Double Subjects

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Avoiding Double Subjects

twin sheep in a field
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A sentence is incorrect if it contains a double subject—a subject with a pronoun right after it. To fix a double subject, delete the pronoun and use the subject only. Or delete the subject and use the pronoun only.

The sheep they look identical. (double subject)

The sheep look identical.

They look identical.

Mark he gave a great classroom presentation. (double subject)

Mark gave a great classroom presentation.

He gave a great classroom presentation.

The bank it is closed today. (double subject)

The bank is closed today

It is closed today.

Your Turn Edit the following sentences to remove the double subjects.

  1. Phil he plays trumpet in the school jazz band.
  2. The movie it is awesome.
  3. Mrs. Anderson she teaches third grade in Illinois.
  4. Josie her favorite sport is soccer.
  5. My friend he has a huge collection of sea shells.
  6. The weather it is turning stormy.
  7. If you want to know why I called, my homework it is still at school.
  8. The assignment it is due tomorrow.
  9. If you don't have the worksheet, Jennie she will give me one.
  10. Those sheep they really look like clones.

From page 65 in Writers Express

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